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Welcome to The Philadelphia Restaurant

Welcome to Philadelphia Restaurant

Located in a friendly neighborhood in East Jerusalem, Philadelphia serves daily some of the finest Mediterranean cuisine, whether European or Oriental.

Committed to the highest culinary standards and concepts, Philadelphia accepts only the best fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry to insure the perfect dish is output to the client. Perfectness to the eyes and taste buds of the client is the personal goal of our chefs.

Inspired by the finest degrees of aesthetic design, both dining hall of Philadelphia have been accurately and meticulously renovated and designed.

The end goal of the meticulous renovations is not to appear unique and unsurpassed in design. The end goal of the renovation is to insure that each client feels at home.

Come join us for lunch, or dinner or a light snack in our establishment and experience true dining as it is meant to be.

Chef & Host
Zuheir Izhiman

Our Music Selection

Famous Visitor #1

Chelsea Clinton Visits The Philadelphia Restaurant

Famous Visitor #2

Jimmy Carter
Ex USA President Jimmy Carter

Famous Visitor #3

Charles Z. Wick
Charles Z. Wick (Director of the United States Information Agency under President Ronald Reagan.)

Famous Visitor #4

Marike de Klerk
Marike de Klerk (First Lady of South Africa, as the wife of State President Frederik Willem de Klerk, from 1989 to 1994.)